2 comments on “Gamer: Clarification in the Haze

  1. Well, a couple things:

    People who play video games are not “gamers.” It’s a totally different thing. Casual gamers are casual gamers. Gamers are another thing entirely. Casual gamers play video games for fun, but “gamers” have embraced the world of video games as something intrinsically good. You see how it’s not so much a difference of habit or lifestyle as a difference of philosophy. There are those who work because they need the money and those who work because they love their jobs. They’re both “workers,” but their ideals and priorities are very different. Gamers are usually a little concerned with the future of gaming as a whole, not just about the games that belong to genres they enjoy.

    Sorry, I don’t believe that “gamer” should be equivalent to “someone who plays games.” It’s different. You should perhaps get more involved in the game developer community, or the gaming community in general. I think you’ll find a lot of intelligent people in both categories who totally defy what we call “the gamer stereotype,” and are a lot more visible to the media than you might think. These people are shining examples of what you desire the image of “the gamer” to be! It might help your conscience and your point of view a little bit. (And as a shameless self-promotion, my blog might not be a bad place to start. You know, because of the vast amounts of media attention…)

    I’m sorry if I seem a little hard on you. It’s a very well-written blog and you’ve managed to make me understand your point of view without making me hate you. Well played. I just don’t believe that Casual Gamers, Gamers, Hardcore Gamers, Sports Gamers, MMORPG Gamers, Indie Gamers, professional CounterStrike players and those few elite people who build replicas of skyscrapers on MineCraft should all be grouped into one group.

    • While Agree with you in some respects, I have to disagree in the bigger scheme of things. You use the title Gamer in each name, Sports Gamer, MMORPG Gamer, etc, yet don’t consider them Gamers, it doesn’t make sense to me to deny they are in the same realm of entertainment yet place the same title on them.

      I know that Gamer means a deeper lifestyle for people who accept it as such and go on to breathe life into the world they love and I happen to be in that category, however I feel to be called a Gamer you just need to share the joy and experience of gaming in it’s basic form.

      There are levels, hence why the terms Casual, Hardcore, and others exist.

      Granted this is all my opinion, we are all allowed them. I appreciate your openness to me though, shows me that their will always been opinionated Gamers and that I have more of them to meet as I move forward.

      Thank You.

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